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Opalesque.TV: Soft commodities trader David Stephen Martin’s rise to institutional-grade CTA


Cybersecurity threats facing hedge funds in 2015


Hollard Stable Fund: No down year since 2003 launch, CAGR of 16.0%


Up 90% in 2014: Adam Tomas, a different systematic long term trend follower trading “axiomatic regularities”


Europe’s top long/short hedge fund says mental training part of “secret sauce”

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Women in Hedge Funds

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With 19 women now heading central
banks, Women in Sovereign Entities
org highlights expanded role of


CIAM: Activist investing in Europe
on promising start


Key differences between the
European RMBS market and US
non-agency market


Dr. Ana Armstrong: Global Macro
with a "Common Sense"


Jessica McCarroll: Silverhorn
Dynamic Relative Value Fund
combines risk-on and risk-off
investment modes


Roxanne Davies, Parly Singapore:
The Family Office Cooperative


Carol Pepper: Family Offices as
Advisors & Investors


WyeTree Asset Management:
Opportunities in the $1 trillion
RMBS market

Nadejda Rakovska

Former Lehman veterans roll out one
of the first systematic, innovative
volatility funds

Anne Sophie

CIAM: Paris-based pure,
concentrated merger arbitrage fund
managed by 3 French Power Women

Arlene Rockefeller

Why Arlene Rockefeller, former
Global Equities CIO of State Street
Global Advisors and responsible for
$800 billion assets, joined a hedge
fund start-up

Carrie McCabe

Carrie McCabe: Institutions
increasingly use equity long-short
to replace traditional equity

Claude Porret

Claude Porret: Why investing with
Emerging Managers can be safer than
with large or even “legends” hedge

Renee Haugerud

Commodities wizard Renée Haugerud:
What you should know about the
coming “inverse stagflation”

Nancy Havens

Nancy Havens-Hasty: How to succeed
and build a long-term track record
in M+A hedge fund strategies

Florence Lombard

The CAIA Association: Determining
global asset allocation trends and
rapidly growing Asia hedge fund

Amanda Haynes Dale

Amanda H. Haynes-Dale: Pioneer in
funds of hedge funds

Alissa Douglas

Why a family office moves assets
from mega to smaller hedge funds
& the six criteria how to
select hedge funds

Lindsey Clavel

Lindsey Clavel from Hedgebay on
Hedge Fund Secondary Markets
Opalesque.TV interview Part 1

Lindsey Clavel

Lindsey Clavel from Hedgebay on
Hedge Fund Secondary Markets
Opalesque.TV interview Part 2

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