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MoSAIQ aims to generate double-digit average yearly returns with no negative years.


Symphony Financial Partners’ Value Realization Fund has returned over 24% p.a. for the last 8 years and is set to continue


Convex Strategies: How to abandon the 60/40 model to improve compounded returns by superior risk mitigation and greater exposure to growth assets


How TradeFlow Capital's FinTech disruption helps closing $1.5tn trade finance gap and enabling trade for SMEs globally


Greenland IM: The outperforming systematic commodity arbitrage fund having unique insights from its physical commodities trading operation

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How the Asian hedge fund industry
grew from a few dozen to almost
1000 managers


Harcourt’s superior long-term
performance shows there’s real
Alpha in fund selection


Sea change in Germany as search for
yield, diversification pressures
investors to allocate to hedge
funds, alternatives


Top performing Legends Fund offers
daily access to a portfolio of
mostly closed hedge fund legends
since 2010


ERAAM’s 3% outperformance: Why
“Day 1” investing can even be
superior to seeding


First Trust Advisors targets retail
and institutions with Liquid
Alternative ETFs


Guggenheim Investment Advisors:
Charles Stucke on merits of
behavioral finance, contrarianism


Shinichiro Shiraki: How to design
investment products Japanese
institutions like


Ernesto Prado: “Hedging 2.0”:
Why combining a long and a short
doesn't mean you're hedged


Citi Private Bank: Ultra high net
worth clients' skepticism of hedge
fund investing may soften


Finding neglected alpha in
non-traditional hedge fund markets
(Part 2)
Opalesque.TV interview Part 2


Bob Discolo: Hedge funds are still
in the early stages of evolution
(Part 1)
Opalesque.TV interview Part 1

Franck Dargent

Amundi Alternative Investments:
AIFMD to create tailwind for hedge
funds, making them more
respectable for European investors

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci/SkyBridge
Capital: Fund of funds &
seeder, finding the next Ray Dalio,
Daniel Och

Alain DeCoster

Alain De Coster: Institutions shift
to long-short hedge funds for
equity exposure

Lou Moelchert

Lou Moelchert - The Contrarian,
Pioneer Endowment Investor in Hedge

Carrie McCabe

Carrie McCabe: Institutions
increasingly use equity long-short
to replace traditional equity

Claude Porret

Claude Porret: Why investing with
Emerging Managers can be safer than
with large or even “legends”
hedge funds

Mark Enman

Finding the right “building
blocks” for Man Group's $13.2 bln
multi-manager business

Deepak Gurnani Part2

Investcorp Research: The great
misallocation - larger hedge funds
are not safer than emerging
Opalesque.TV interview Part 2

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