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Julian Robertson

Oct 26 2009 8 Comments
Opalesque's Matthias Knab interviews the legendary Julian Robertson on his outstanding talent to recognize and identify hedge fund talent. How does he select his "Tiger Cubs" (or to be precise: Tiger Seeds) back then, and today?

Hear Robertson explain what it takes to be a successful hedge fund manager today... ...more

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Matthias Knab Posted On Oct 14 2010

Thank you to Julian and Thank you to Mathias for this interview. The interview allowed me for the first time to see, hear and experience Julian.... I too, owe Julian a lot.

anonymous Posted On Dec 16 2009

This story about the car manufacturer is hilarious...

anonymous Posted On Jan 06 2010

Robertson seems like a very down to earth guy, that is hard to believe.

Gregory Despoelberch Posted On Nov 19 2009

Who are the "big 3" that he convinced to stay at Tiger?

anonymous Posted On Nov 19 2009

My God, did anyone notice those big cats? I wonder where that was...

anonymous Posted On Nov 18 2009

I was an investor with Julian back then... time flies!

anonymous Posted On Nov 18 2009

I know a hedge fund manager who went through Julian's and Dr. Sterns assessment procedure. It is apparently quite a process, very in-depth and strenuous.

Matthias Knab Posted On Nov 18 2009

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